Postfix Monitoring and Statistics

sMail is a Postfix mail monitoring and statistics system, created by me during my work at Globes Publisher LTD. The system allow to manage and monitor multiple email Postfix servers at one centralized management portal, to search for specific emails or collect detailed statistics. It tested under heavy load of few million mails send per day, from different Postfix servers in distant locations.

Personal Projects


  Global Canada News Portal in Russian Language

CA24.ca started as a my personal project, and became Canada best Russian news website. It was SEO optimized and got to the first place in Google. Unfortunately after running 2 years it closed (April 2011) due to funding problems.


  The Original "GLORY ONLINE" Game

MMO RTS RPG Game based on IE VML technology. The multi-player game runs on IE 7-10 browsers without any plugins or flash and allow dynamic real-time multi-layered vector graphics and effects.